Wallscope has a vision of a world without barriers to knowledge.

At Wallscope we believe that knowledge should be accessible to all. Our aim is to empower organisations to navigate and link ever-increasing volumes of information, and to present this in an understandable and engaging way.

How it all began

Founded by David Eccles and Ian Allaway, Wallscope was incorporated in 2014 to develop technologies associated with ‘big data’ – data sets that are so large or complex that traditional data processing applications are inadequate to deal with them. Ian and David have worked with the technologies associated with the world wide web since its inception.

Ian and David as Wallscope co-funders


Empower people by unlocking access to information

Build scalable solutions that users can trust to discover the most relevant information

Create new value from data that was previously hidden or unusable

Promote systems and services that make it easier to collect, share and re-use data

Enable collaboration across organisational and technological boundaries

Link and analyse information across multiple sources

Develop innovative tools and processes which make knowledge accessible 

Use open-source technologies and adhere to data standards

Create sustainable solutions which support change

Build an understanding of the impact of technological change; share research and insights 

Develop smarter ways to store, model and structure data

Futureproof organisations for meeting challenges and opportunities


Our tools and services have been used to support Digital Transformation projects within a wide range of public and private sector organisations, including NHS Scotland, the Scottish Government, the University of Edinburgh, Eildon Housing Association, VisitScotland, Historic Environment Scotland, the Environment Agency, Scottish Enterprise, Personal Assets Trust, Interactive Media in Retail Group, the Apache Foundation and IQX.

We have an ongoing relationship with Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences and work with students there on research and development projects.

In 2016, 2017 and 2020 we were selected to take part in the Scottish Government’s CivTech programme. CivTech is an award-winning innovation programme which allows innovative SMEs to solve public sector challenges.

Wallscope Team

The Wallscope team: (top row from l-r) Antero Duarte, Lead Developer and Architect; Emma Findlow, Communications and Operations Manager; Michal Hoinca, Software Engineer; (middle row from l-r) David Eccles, Co-Founder; Ian Allaway, Co-Founder; Rui Cardoso, Business Development Manager; (bottom row from l-r) Dorota Burdach, UI/UX Designer and Front End Developer; Darwon Rashid, Machine Learning Engineer; Angus Addlesee, Machine Learning Engineer and Researcher;